To strengthen the global reach of the VIA Premium members, CRIF D&B Philippines hosted a luncheon to present the development plans for Vendor Integrity Access (VIA) program.

Cris Matunan, Executive Vice-President/General Manager, welcomed the attendees last December 12, 2018 at Top of the Citi, Citibank Tower, Makati. He talked about VIA’s goal to go ASEAN and how CRIF D&B is working to constantly move the platform into new markets by 2019. Through CRIF’s strong presence in the Asia Pacific region, VIA could provide comprehensive capabilities in the field of supply chain management within our neighboring markets.

“Our aim is to help businesses in the region to transform into high-performing businesses by having more informed decisions and improving the supply chain management”, says Cris Matunan.

Top executives from CRIF Malaysia and Indonesia also joined the event with a desire to explore better supplier credit management and business information.

Established in 2013, VIA is an online compliance platform for vendor pre-qualification. VIA empowers procurement professionals to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and source ethically by leveraging on a best-in-class compliance evaluation program. For suppliers, it allows businesses to discover opportunities through active vendor pre-qualification. /JLA